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Show weather forecast in Activity Feed

ahead allows you to post events from external sources into the activity feed by automating the triggers using Zapier.

Let’s go step by step through the process.

  • Once in Zapier, choose to create a new Zap and choose as trigger the app Weather by Zapier. As trigger event choose Today's Forecast and click on Continue.

  • In the Customize Forecast you need to specify the location for which you want to show the weather forecast. To do that, you need to go here and lookup the latitude and longitude of the desired location. Copy both values in the respective fields in Zapier. Also choose the Celsius unit. Then click on Continue
Finding latitude and longitude
Choosing the weather forecast for the desired location

  • In the following Choose App & Event section, search for ahead, and select Create External Activity as the action event. After that, choose your ahead account or connect it if you haven’t done so yet. Click Continue.

  • Lastly, customize the information you want to display in the ahead activity feed. Choose a Title, e.g. "Today's forecast for Barcelona". As Source choose Weather. In the Text field it makes sense to show the Summary and Temperature Max. These values are provided by the weather forecast app. The fields Url and Media Url can be left empty. Press Continue and Test & Review to check in ahead what the new automated activity looks like and set the Zap to ON once you’re happy with the result.

  • The weather forecast is ready to be automatically posted as ahead activities on a daily basis!