Communicate quickly and directly with all employees.

Your new employee app: stay connected and build trust in difficult times.

“Culture is important to us and ahead helps us to implement and live it.”
Serge Rolle
“Our new intranet is powered by a great search, can be accessed from all devices and works seamlessly with our existing tools.”
Dorothea Portmann
HotellerieSuisse • Project Manager Communication Channels Case Study
“ahead is the glue that keeps us together in the fast-paced business world.”
Nicolas Schibler
Trade Marketing Intelligence • Managing Partner Case Study
“With ahead, employees can access and respond to information from anywhere – digital, transparent, and cross-platform.”
Rebekka Hänggi
JobCloud • Content & Marketing Manager Case Study
“With ahead I can reach the right people with the right message.”
Benjamin Regez
isolutions AG • CEO
“"We are in a state of change and have developed a new corporate mission statement (vision, mission and culture). ahead helps us to inspire employees for this new vision and to bring the company values to life. This makes the employees part of the change process and fires innovation, customer satisfaction and corporate success".”
Bruno Räz
Glutz • CEO
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The Lean Communication Loop

How good communication works

The Lean Communication Loop describes our method of continously evolving your ahead intranet by analyzing and iterating over what you communicate.

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