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JobCloud takes off with ahead

Written by Nora Sommer, Customer Success Manager LinkedIn
“With ahead, employees can access and respond to information from anywhere – digital, transparent, and cross-platform.”
Rebekka Hänggi
JobCloud • Content & Marketing Manager

JobCloud is the leading digital company in the Swiss job market and offers various recruitment solutions. In addition to job portals such as the two market leaders and, the JobCloud portfolio also includes promising technologies.


To replace the old intranet, JobCloud was looking for a modern solution that could be started quickly and understood intuitively by employees. At the same time, JobCloud moved its collaboration to the Microsoft Cloud. In addition to a perfect integration with Office 365, ahead quickly established itself as the point of contact for internal corporate communication on all channels.

Interview with Rebekka Hänggi

You chose ahead as your new intranet platform. What are the reasons for your decision? The connection to Office 365 was decisive for us. Moreover, ahead is easy and quick to set up, simple and intuitive to use and offers interactive possibilities – this makes an intranet much more exciting for employees.

Is only the COM-team responsible for the content? No, the content is not only created by one team. It is important for us that different areas participate in the communication - this is how an intranet comes to life. The intuitive usage of ahead simplifies communication for everyone in the company. Management, HR and team leaders also publish news regularly.

What do you not want to miss anymore compared to the time before ahead? With ahead, employees can access and respond to information from anywhere – digital, transparent and cross-platform.

Which added value does ahead bring in direct collaboration between employees? Thanks to the connection to Office 365 and SharePoint, I can find relevant content and documents within seconds. With ahead as the ideal complement to Office 365, we now have an ideal platform for collaboration and communication.


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