Internal Comms Trends 2022: Trend #2 Internal Communication as a key driver of employee retention

As the second internal comms trend to watch in 2022, we look at what you can do to align your internal communication strategy to meet post-pandemic employee expectations and retain your top talent.

May 17, 2022
Michael Trummer
Chief Customer Officer

The pandemic has caused many people to rethink their career goals and what they’re genuinely looking for in their jobs. Which means that companies who want to keep the most talented people on board need to step up their game to make their organizations attractive to today’s workforce. That includes fostering a strong sense of purpose in what they do and creating an inclusive company culture. Employees who feel engaged with their organizations are less likely to leave, and a sound internal communication strategy can be a key factor in boosting employee engagement.

So, how can you better leverage your internal communication to improve your employee retention? We’ve identified three key steps managers can take.

1) Empower employees to take part in strategic decisions

Involving employees in decisions about where the business is headed is a fundamental aspect of engagement, as employees feel like they are helping shape the future of the company and their own careers. Investing in getting input from your people on strategic issues increases buy-in and builds loyalty within your teams. Participative internal communication platforms are ideal at engaging with and getting input from your people, as they have the opportunity to provide feedback, engage in discussions and share ideas in a collaborative way.

2) Celebrate employee achievements

Employees want to know their efforts are appreciated. A 2018 survey by SHRM/Globoforce found that 68% of HR managers believe in public recognition as a positive force for employee retention. Internal communication platforms are great for publicly recognizing and rewarding your people’s achievements. Managers can praise individuals within their teams or business units, or to a larger audience within the organization. If you already have such internal communication channels in place, this can be an easy way for you to show appreciation and retain your top talent.

3) Make it easy for employees to connect and collaborate

Employees who feel part of a group effort are more motivated to stay with their teams. Collaborative work environments and systems enabling employees to communicate seamlessly (from wherever they are) contribute to creating a sense of unity. Here again, internal communication platforms can give your employees a secure, convenient way to connect, collaborate, and build up that kind of team spirit. These platforms are particularly effective when they allow employees to both chat casually and share important work information. By encouraging frequent, open communication among colleagues, you can breakdown a lot of the barriers to a rewarding workplace and help improve the retention rate of your key talent.

What trends do you see in store for this year?

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What trends do you see in store for this year?
Contact us to find out how your internal communication can stay ahead of the game with ahead.
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