Fuchs-Movesa AG goes ahead

Since the togetherness and close exchange had to continue in a strongly bigger Fuchs-Movesa AG, the company wanted to break new digital ground in communication.

January 20, 2021

Fuchs-Movesa AG is a dynamically growing trading and service company in the bicycle, sports and outdoor industry. The family business looks back on a long and successful company history. Founded in 1936 as a small bicycle and motorcycle shop in Zurich by Otto Frey, the company is now in its third generation.

As an important partner and supplier to the bicycle and sports industry, the company distributes many of the best-known brands in Switzerland and the Principality of Liechtenstein. More than 1,200 bicycle and sports retailers count on Fuchs-Movesa AG.  


Fuchs-Movesa AG is characterised by strong team spirit and a close exchange between workshop, logistics, field and office staff. Since many of the workshop and logistics employees did not have access to a mail account, communication was often verbal or via a notice board.  

However, the strong growth of the company posed a great challenge to the previous communication channels. Since the togetherness and close exchange should continue, Fuchs-Movesa AG wanted to break new digital ground in communication.  

As a market leader, it is clear to Fuchs-Movesa AG that digitalisation can be an important comparative competitive advantage. Therefore, the company relies on the latest technologies, not only with regard to warehouse management (AutoStore: warehousing of the future), but also in all other areas. Since the employees have a multitude of new tools at their disposal, due to the newly introduced Microsoft Office 365, it is all the more important that the new intranet is not just another additional tool, but offers employees a digital home. 


Fuchs-Movesa chose ahead because it covers the important needs for information distribution, integrates perfectly with the existing Microsoft Office 365 IT infrastructure and is easy to use. The following features were particularly decisive for the company:

  - Within a very short time, ahead was ready for use and offered employees a simple entry portal into the Office 365 world. Employees can find not only news, but also SharePoint content and people.

- All employees can be reached via a central communication channel, which means that the employees feel picked up and are always well informed.

- The simple operation of ahead enables even non-IT-savvy people to provide information to all employees. With ahead Stories, exciting content can also be easily created and shared by employees via smartphone.

- The "we-feeling" is strengthened. Thanks to the social features, employees get more involved and can give direct feedback.

If you want to take your internal communication to the next level, just as Fuchs-Movesa AG, don't hesitate and request the free trial!

Want to follow Fuchs-Movesa's path?

See how ahead can improve how you communicate with your workforce

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Want to follow Fuchs-Movesa's path?
See how ahead can improve how you communicate with your workforce
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